Factors associated with localization of dental erosion in patients from two French medical centers

Antonela M. Berar, Jean-Francois Lasserre, Emmanuel d’Incau, Stanislas B. des Varannes, Andrei Picos, Alexandra Chira, Alina M. Picos.

Introduction: The occurrence of dental erosion (DE) involves the prolonged contact of acids of extrinsic and intrinsic origin with the tooth tissues, without intervention of pathogenic bacteria. Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is one of the most common disorder of digestive tract causing several extra-esophageal manifestations including impacting the hard dental structures. Objective: We investigate the distribution/severity and the relationships of DE with associated factors in patients from two French medical centers involved in an international AUF project: Digestive Diseases Institute, University of Nantes and Faculty of Dentistry Victor Segalen, University of Bordeaux.